About Us

The company’s vision is to build resilience towards carbon emissions and provide energy security

Convince of a plan to build a different future.

Lamo Fuel was established in May 2014 after recognising the spurring growth in renewable energy integration into the mainstream economy. It is a 100% owned African Youth Companyformed with a vision of accelerating the use of sustainable energy sources within the Bio-energysector. The drive is to usetechnologies and processes for the production of energy products from plant biomass and carbon-rich wastes. Commercial bio-energy products include biofuels (biodiesel), heating oils(bio-oil), carbon rich solids (charcoal) and gasses (biogas).

Lamo fuel is in the preparatory phase of constructing a productionplanttoproduce four hundred thousand litres of bio-diesel by end of 2020from locally sourced wasted cooking oil,in conformance to SANS 1935(South African National Standards -Automotive Diesel Specification standard). The intent is to use aggressive market penetration strategytargeted at mining and construction companies operating in the Northern Cape and North West Province, before rolling out to other sectors and the rest of the country. Lamofuel will adopt alean start-up model to prove marketability and allow initial customers to testify on the quality of the company’s product in order to drive market exposure. This will create market demand and drive profitability.

Meet our founder and CEO

Driven by Purpose & Impact to change herself and her surroundings,Mrs Tshikohvi’s academic pursuit in Baccalaureus Scientiae (Biochemistry and Microbiology) exposed her to the how science can be used for rehabilitation and restoration of the environment. She beliefs the environment we live in has influence on our holistic wellbeing as people. Knowledge, Ubuntu and Transformation are the pillars of her life.

She has strong project management skill as she has been running her company for six years. Through vast experience in leadership, corporate governance, brand and stakeholder management, office administration, strategic planning and development she takes the role of Chief Executive Officer, looking at overall company operations, technical production, strategy monitoring and review and external stakeholder relations.

She has completed a three years business incubation programme at the Biofuels Business Incubator. This woman who beliefs nothing is impossible decided to formally study business and project management as these are core in making a success of her business. She has completed a course in Entrepreneurship Skills with Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Recently graduated from the Entrepreneurial Generator Plus Programme offered by the Graduate School of Business Administration at University of Witwatersrand. A 6-month course designed for young people in the Chemical and Innovation sectors. The programme aimed to equip the beneficiaries with much needed skills to convert their area of passion into revenue generating sustainable business. In 2020 she is ready to conquer.


The company attained 30 hectares that were previously used for ploughing maize to grow sunflower. The company’s manufacturing, production and storage operations (size 10 000 m2) plant will be consolidated in Deerward Village, Northern Cape Province. The operations will be flanked by the District Agri-Park, 1 hectare of which will be available as a substitute for commercial production. Storage and blending operations will also be provided on site.

The strategic locations of the facilities permit access to land for sunflower harvesting and access to end users respectively (eg. there are about 20 mines in the province). Should the company not be able to harvest enough oilseeds for production, the town is in close proximity to the North West Province, one of the largest sunflower producing province in the country and also well known for its platinum production, increasing the company’s access to markets.